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“In a life threatening situation,  You Will Not Rise To the Occasion.....
The decision to own and carry a handgun is an important decision. It is best made after a thorough needs assessment, recognition and acceptance of responsibilities, and completion of proper training.

Our mission at Blue Knight Training is to provide professional handgun training that will enable you to become a responsible handgun owner who may carry a licensed concealed handgun safely and confidently.

We know that firearms training is a serious endeavor, however, we do not believe that firearms training must be conducted in a rigid or stress filled environment. We believe that successful training occurs when an instructor presents students with relevant information using professional teaching methods in a relaxed atmosphere. Our motto says it best:  

Practice DOES NOT Make Perfect.......
Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

Handgun License To Carry Class Training
About Us: 

Blue Knight Training unofficially began in 1980 as a platform for Fred Taylor to provide Firearm and Police Baton training to Security and Police Officers. In 1994 Fred attended the DPS Concealed Handgun Instructor School because he strongly believes in Texans right to keep and bear arms. 

Fred and Louann married in June 2013 at the base of the San Jacinto Monument. Fred is a fourth generation Texan whose ancestors settled in the Texas Hill Country and East Texas, several of whom answered the call as Texas Rangers. Louann is also a fifth generation Texan, a Texas History and Social Studies Teacher. Fred and Louann believe that the right to carry a handgun is just as important today as it was in the 1800’s.

Fred has been a Law Enforcement Officer since 1975 and believes that sharing his Law Enforcement experience in class provides civilian students with a unique perspective when studying the application of the uses of force and proven tactics for defensive living. 

We will not cut corners !

“Am fear nach gleidh na h-airm an ám na sìth, cha bhi iad iage an am á chogaidh” 

“He that keeps not his arms in time of peace will have none in time of war”

Quote From The 
Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
Scottish Highland Regiment

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Blue Knight Training
House Bill 910 - New LICENSE TO CARRY 

OPEN CARRY - Effective January 1, 2016, individuals in Texas will be permitted to carry handguns in plain view (Open Carry) in public, IF they have previously obtained a (CHL) Concealed Handgun License, or the Newly Created (LTC) LICENSE TO CARRY.​

Open Carry Permitted
With a DPS Issued CHL or New License To Carry
In a Shoulder Holster or Belt Holster
Wherever Concealed Carry is currently permitted (some exceptions)

Open Carry Not Permitted
At colleges and Universities (Concealed Carry Is Permitted)
At a business with a clearly displayed sign banning guns on the property.
There must be separate signs for Open and Concealed Carry.

Senate Bill 11 - Campus Carry - Institution of Higher Education, or Private, or Independent Instution of Higher Education - Effective August 1, 2016: Public Junior College is August 1, 2017

Only Concealed Handgun Carry permitted, No Open Carry permitted!

For Additional Information regarding recent legislation effecting LTC License Holders
Please check out the DPS web site.​

We are committed to providing the best Handgun License To Carry Training at the most reasonable cost possible. We will provide you with the opportunity to learn in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you can focus on the information and skills necessary to become a Responsible Handgun License To Carry Holder.

If you have questions concerning course schedules, the application process, or requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us. Louann or I will contact you as soon as possible to address your issues.
First Time or New License Course Description and Details PLEASE READ!
This course is 4 - 6 hours classroom training, followed by a Firearms Proficiency Demonstration.

DPS Mandated Topics Include:
        1. Laws relating to weapons and to the use of force and deadly force.
        2. Handgun use and safety
        3. Non-Violent dispute resolution
        4. Proper and Safe storage of handuns

There will be a Written Test At End of Class (Minimum 70% Passing), and a 50 round Firearms Proficiency Demonstration To Qualify for the TR-100 Certificate. The handgun Proficiency course is; 50 rounds total; 20 rounds at three yards, 20 rounds at 7 yards, and 10 rounds at 15 yards, (Minimum 70% Passing - 175 points out of a possible 250).

A semi-automatic handgun and revolver are available for students who do not own a weapon, however students must furnish their own ammunition subject to instructor’s approval. The range has hearing and eye protection available.

It is recommended that a bill type cap and shirt with a high/closed collar be worn to prevent 

Ejected HOT Brass Cases from falling into front of shirt, Important For Our Lady Students!

Class Description and Details:

ATTENTION ! New Laws Relating To Handgun LTC Licensing  Became Effective September 1, 2015:
Open Carry Becomes Effective January 1, 2016
Contact Us At:
(281) 642-3781
(832) 414-3258
You may be ineligible for a LTC Handgun License IF You Have Been Convicted For: 

  • A Disorderly conduct (Class C, B or A misdemeanor), or a Class B or A misdemeanor, there has to be 5 years between the date the judge sentenced you to the date of application. Or;

  • If A Felony, there has to be 10 years unless you were convicted of a Title 5 or Chapter 9 offense (Crimes against persons). Or;

  • If You were sentenced to prison that is a final conviction, and you would not be eligible unless it is expunged or you were pardoned. Or;

  • If You are ineligible to purchase a handgun under the Brady Bill. Including a conviction of a class C misdemeanor offense of family violence. Or;

  • If It has been more than 5 years for a misdemeanor and more then 10 for a felony, you will need to go to or contact the county clerk or district clerk in the county of the offense and get a final disposition form from them (usually it is a form printed out and has a seal or stamp which shows it is a true and correct copy and is signed by the clerk of that office).
Issues That May Disqualify You From Receiving A Concealed Handgun License
Use of Force Decisions
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Classes shown on these calendars are for Saturdays, however, week night classes can be scheduled when sufficient number of persons need evening classes.

We have a minimum of five (5) students per class. If a scheduled class does not reach the minimum, we will contact the students and register them for the next scheduled class.

To Register for a class, select the Class Enrollment button, and complete the information on the web form; or contact us at the email address below.

The Registration form must be received one week prior to the scheduled class.

Please do not sign the Waiver at the end of the Form. This will be completed and Notarized on class day.
Class Calandars
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How To Apply or Renew Your LTC Handgun License

The Application Process is on the following website.

  • Click on Apply/Renew LTC
  • If you are a first time applicant or your license has been expired for more than 1 year Click on Apply
  • If you are renewing your current license (which has expired but not more than a year) (This would be the time to update/modify your information ie: address, name) Click on Login
  • Follow the directions to complete your application (1st time or renewal)

For First Time/New License Holders

During the application process you will have to list 5 years worth of addresses of where you have lived or it will not let you precede – so list 5 years worth – Also you will need 5 years of where you have worked. There will be a place to put in dates for address history and your work history.

Fingerprinting is now completed electronically. During the application look for a hyperlink to L-1 Solutions (they may have changed the name) this is where you will make your appointment to get fingerprinted electronically. 

As long as you have a Texas DPS issued drivers license or identification, your drivers license or identification photo will be used on you CHL. 

Make sure that you print out the LTC Checklist and your receipt at the end of the application (just after you make your payment). You will need the checklist to send in to TX DPS along with your receipt of payment to TX DPS, your receipt of your fingerprints.

It is not required, however it is Strongly Recomended to have these items prior to taking the class, so that all you will need is the LTC-100 that I will give at the end of class, provided you pass both the written exam and the firearms proficiency course.

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Complimentary coffee, soft drinks and a lite lunch are provided during all classes.

Class of 2018
Next Class Sunday
February 18, 2018
Meet At Pasadena Gun Center at 9:00 am
Have Gun Will Travel
If you have a group that has an acceptable classroom facility, we can conduct the classroom portion at your location.
Contact Us For Details.
Blue Knight Training
Class Registration Form
Class Registration Form
Click Video at right to watch a Student Completing The LTC Proficiency Test. 
Please Click the New Laws Button at Left to View the Latest Information Regarding the New License To Carry (Open Carry), and Campus Carry Regulations.